The Iconic acquired more customers in NZ thanks to oppizi

Oppizi has suported THE ICONIC in AU and NZ with their customer acquisition

The Results

Acquired first-time users via Oppizi
People reached
Cities across Australia, New Zealand, UK and France

THE ICONIC is the biggest online Fashion store in ANZ. Oppizi solved 2 of their issues, acquire new customers and do Brand Awareness.

High level of customer acquisition and some Brand Awareness in ANZ

THE ICONIC problematics are quite complex. They were very cautious of their image towards their customers and they wanted to acquire customers at low cost. Oppizi solved these issues and provided them with XXX new customers.

Oppizi provided THE ICONIC with a scalable solution to help us deliver brand awareness in a new tactical channel. Working with oppizi has really supported our customer acquisition strategies to achieve our business targets.

Alexander Meyer, CMO @ THE ICONIC