How and why flyering is working extremely well for the Food-Delivery Industry?

Hello Fresh Australia started using flyering as a mass customer acquisition channel in 2014 when they used an external partner to scale their operations. Very rapidly more followed such as Marley Spoon, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Meal Pal and many more.


Why is flyer distribution working so well for the Food Delivery Industry?

Specificity if the Industry

The food delivery is an industry that relies heavily on the convenience for their customers. Why cooking when UberEats makes it so convenient to order dinner after a long day at work? Food, Meal Kits, Pre-cooked Meals or simply Meals are easy goods to consume and it is very appealing for potential customers to receive a food voucher. The food delivery Industry has one of the highest First Time user conversion rate. Users redeem very quickly the vouchers they receive (14-21 days on average).

“Tech” Food industry

The Food delivery industry is heavily dependant on the tech, which is a good thing! Meaning they can be very creative in terms of Marketing. The Marketing geniuses of these businesses can create pipelines and attract customers with referral offers, affiliates or all other types of discounts. The same technology is used with flyers. A voucher code is labelled on a nicely designed flyer and then redeemed by the customer which has been handed out the flyer. The job is done +1 customer!


Specificity of business model

Some businesses like HelloFresh, Marley Spoon or MealPal use subscription as revenue model, which enables them to have higher retention, as they don’t need to reorder week on week. In other words, their CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) is higher than other food delivery businesses. However, it is complex for them to acquire new clients due to the nature of their product (subscription). The purchase process of their customers is longer which means that in order for them to buy the product or service they will need to be persuaded, which can be quite expensive. Flyering campaigns fit perfectly this particularity and are very cheap for Brands. A customer may refuse a flyer from a Brand Ambassador on Monday, see another Brand Ambassador on Tuesday with the same flyer and finally end up taking the flyer from another Brand Ambassador on Friday and redeem it during the weekend. That’s exactly how flyering works for these Brands.


Tracking & Optimisation

Oppizi has developed a Technology which enables Brands to launch, track and optimise their flyer campaigns. All the distribution data is tracked, merged with the Brand data and all summarised in beautiful dashboards. Acquire customers offline on a large scale is now seamless thanks to the all-in service provided by Oppizi.

We distribute flyers for our clients in Australia, New Zealand, France, UK and soon in the US (launch in Sept 2019).

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